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please read - fyi

Postby admins » 06.02.07 - 6.26 am

The Joy Project is a non-profit, grassroots organization based on the philosophy of using real-world, workable solutions to end the epidemic of eating disorders. We work towards reducing the rate and severity of eating disorders by supporting and conducting research, education, and support programs. The Joy Project does not seek to replace or discourage traditional or current treatments, but to expand the options for treatment. We seek to make treatment options more accessible to anyone affected and find and implement ways to make treatment more effective. The Joy Project seeks to empower individuals with eating disorders to be active participants in their own recovery.

The goal of this site is to be a place where people with EDs and related issues or recovered from EDs and related issues can come and be open and honest in an atmosphere where people understand what they're going through.

We plan to have a big focus on recovery-related support, with tons of info, research, statistics, recovery strategies, etc.

However, we also want to say that ANYONE is welcome on this site - whether you consider yourself in recovery or not!

We believe in censoring as LITTLE as possible - ESPECIALLY in recovery! After all, if you can't come here to ask for help in confronting your deepest, darkest, most triggering fears - where else can you go? LIFE is NOT censored. So we're not either.

Also, I should point out that the forum admins/members are NOT licensed therapists. We cannot claim to be able to provide 'treatment' or 'therapy' for anyone who chooses to come here - however - we are not uneducated. We DO intend to provide support, and to be a positive influence in the life of anyone struggling through recovery. But we are not all-knowing creatures, and we CAN be wrong. Please do not take any advice given to you as pure FACT. Some advice may be helpful, some may not. Take what works for you and ignore the rest.

Since this is a recovery-oriented forum, we do need a few guidelines for the safety of our members.

We ask that you avoid giving any tips n' tricks. By this we mean posts that are intended to help someone engage in negative or harmful behaviors or behaviors that promote further self-destruction. And we also ask that in the recovery-related portions of the site, that you avoid bringing up stats or other very triggering info unless it is necessary for you to communicate your thoughts. (Giving stats just for the sake of giving stats, without any other purpose, should be avoided as much as possible.) "Thinspiration" of any kind is not tolerated nor are reverse triggers. Posting of "pro-anorexic" website links is also not tolerated, but discussion on the matter is okay.

If you are posting potentially triggering content, we ask that you mark your post with a -t- to warn others of potential triggering content.

If you are being extremely graphic, please use a -g-

We also ask that you help maintain the safe and open atmosphere by NOT flaming/bullying/harrassing other members - either directly on the forum, through private messages, or through aim/email. If you have a problem with a member, please bring it up with them directly through PM, or contact an Admin. We want everyone to feel safe here, and we want to maintain an atmosphere of trust and security.

We also ask that you do not post anything posted at this forum elsewhere - in your online journal, another forum, anywhere. You may post something you have written, but not another members' post - whether that post was directed at you or not. Members posts/threads are copyright to their respective authors.

This is meant to be a close community so we ask that if you join, please be active and contribute. The internet can feel really detached and like everyone can read what is going on with you. So in order to make this a safer environment we encourage members to post and to get to know eachother. We will randomly do member prunings - with or without notice for members that have zero posts (cumalative).

Also since this is a more recovery oriented forum. We ask that you not make individual picture threads. This can lead to people feeling triggered and like they don't belong here because they don't look like that certain person who has a 30 page long picture thread. If you would like to post pictures of yourself please do so in your diary. But have some tact and not have them be "ana pose" pictures.

Of course, you may always write about whatever you want in your own personal diary.

Given that this is an internet-based community, we ask that if you have intentionally tried to commit suicide, or feel you are in danger of doing so, please do not post it here. We do not know your full name or location, and we are not equipped to help out in that situation. Any post containing an imminent suicide threat will be deleted and replaced with numbers to national suicide hotlines, which we hope will be of more benefit to the poster. This also goes for serious self-harm threats/images of self-harm.

Please understand that the members of this forum come from a variety of backgrounds and educations and ages. Discussion into various "hot topics" are okay, but please be considerate when posting direct links.

If you are caught breaking any of the set forth rules/guidelines, you will be suspended/banned with or without notice. The decision to do so is firm until an investigation of the problem that caused the suspension/banning is complete. The rules/guidelines are here for a reason and we just ask that you respect them. The outcome of whatever the admins decision is - is final. Do not go to another admin seeking another resolution because the first decision was reached as a partnership and will stand.

Please limit your signatures to a max of 700 characters and ten lines, single-spaced, in length (including images).

Your avatars to no more than 100x100.

Your signature image(s) to no wider than 250 pixels total.

No stats stating negative behaviors of any kind or weight of any sort are allowed in signatures.

As the board has many different skins, please do not edit the font color of your font in your post or signature.


The forum admins are: Me and iammegiam. Feel free to pm them/seek them out if you have any specific forum questions or need assistance with anything at all!

Hope you enjoy!
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